Experimental Painting by Lisa L. Cyr

Spotted this at my local library, I really need information on experimentation and thought it would be helpful.

Here’s the contents list:



It has a several demonstrations in it, e.g. making a customised roller, experimenting with metal substrates, foam substrates, employing inlaid boxes etc but it does not give step by step instructions. For me, it was lacking information on how to do these  methods but may suit other artists who have a basic knowledge.

It has given me a couple of ideas of materials to use but really not that suited to where I am at in my study but it was a quick read.


Mixed Media Book

Photo 17-03-2017, 11 05 37

A very kind person lent me this interesting book, (Bernard, Mike and Capon, Robin, 2010, Collage, Colour and Texture in Painting: London, Batsford) at quite an appropriate time, I see we have an exercise in mixed media coming up.

I have always had a bit of fear about mixed media because I don’t really know how to go about it but am really happy that I read this book, even though it’s about painting, it’s very relevant.

The author explains his painting technique in details which I think I will be a very good place to start from when attempting mixed media. I am excited to try it out now and have some fun with it. Who knows, this could become my favourite thing.

Pablo Picasso by Hajo Duchting

Photo 08-03-2017, 09 29 09

I made this purchase after visiting the Picasso Museum in Malaga. It was only on the plane home that I realised it’s not a good book, in fact it’s a terrible book. On a positive note, it has some great photos, (which is what interested me initially), but the content is not great, maybe it is a bad translation or a cut and paste job. I post this as a future warning to myself, read the text of the book when considering a purchase, don’t just look at the pictures!