RESEARCH: The Human Figure

“Viewing different depictions of other people and ourselves can be, amongst other things, sensual, amusing, disconcerting. Without intending to, we might see ourselves in some of these images, our reactions and emotions working in the same space between viewer and image. Jot down your thoughts on this.”

I was really looking forward to this part as I like to connect with people and was intrigued to how I was going to react to seeing complete strangers in the nude. Actually it wasn’t weird at all and I really enjoyed chatting to the models afterwards. Although the first time I went I did find it a little odd but very quickly we focused on drawing and learning to look.

I was actually surprised by quite how much I enjoyed this, it was so much fun. I first went to a workshop which lasted a few hours. The time flew and I couldn’t believe it was over. I overheard the tutor discussing what sounded like a class in life drawing and was delighted to discover an informal session I could tag along to.

It has been fantastic to have the opportunity to attend this session, being able to have access to the models and chat to other artists about their work. I have learnt a lot from them and the models themselves, some of whom are artists also.

There is a lot to challenge the drawer and, this is probably why I find it so appealing, it is difficult to capture the body. The body is so fluid and flexible and can make so many shapes it is a never-ending problem to solve.

It has been interesting to watch the John Berger series and learning about the ‘male gaze’.


For me the research is always a key part, partly trying to understand what has gone on before, and just learning is fundamental to my own work.

It has given me some ideas to consider and I am always grateful for the research exercises.

It has been a long and weary road to finish part four, with some interesting discoveries. My research piece on nudes was very popular and was shared on social media by several others and got hundreds of views. Overall I have enjoyed part four tremendously.







from Drawing Now: Between the Lines of Contemporary Art

louise clarke

tracey emin, sexy dolly

anne-marie schneider

edwin wurm

from Vitamin 2

D-L Alvarez – memory

francia Alys – anonymity

Kaoru Arima unmediated thoughts

katharina wulff figurative, imaginary

steven shearer – young white burned-out male adolescent

elizabeth peyton, fandom and friendship





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