Assignment 4: Figure Study Using Tone


To warm up I used a reference photo to draw a quick sketch:

Photo 26-03-2018, 11 11 29

It turned out very angular and sketchy so I thought a reference drawing from a previous life drawing session might work better for this exercise in tone.


I wasn’t too happy with this and had to go back to the drawing board! Again, looking through drawings I had done from life drawing sessions, I found something I thought I could work from. Already knowing how difficult it is to draw from photographs and sketches I tried to work fast and free.

Photo 31-03-2018, 12 39 34

This was my last attempt and I think it worked out quite well. The tonal drawing seems to suit this particular model’s body type. There are a few streaky marks from the eraser but I decided to leave them in, I’m working with the imperfections as I think it makes it a little more interesting.

All of the drawings are A2 in size.




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