Assignment 4: Figure Study Using Line

Figure Study Using Line – Seated Model in an Upright Chair

I felt a bit lost starting this assignment, for some reason the idea of just using line worried me. I felt like I didn’t know how to do it. After many months on this course though I realise this is my mind making things difficult for me and I just had to get on with it, regardless of emotions.

To start, I looked at a drawing I had done from a life session, and did a quick sketch:

Photo 09-03-2018, 10 00 45 (1)

It wasn’t a great sketch, the proportions are out and I just wasn’t feeling it so I drew a few sketches of people seated:

Photo 14-03-2018, 09 48 05

This was based on another drawing of the same model.

I was beginning to realise how difficult it is to draw something from other drawings so I tried a variety of different poses:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I simply focused on drawing quick sketches of people seated. Afterwards I re-read the guidelines and realised the model was supposed to be seated in an upright chair.

Using a photograph I drew the following:

Photo 14-03-2018, 09 47 16

The proportions are a little off but I like the lines and the energy and the simplicity of it.

Trying a different style again, I went back to my life class model drawings:

Photo 14-03-2018, 09 46 38

At this point I felt like I was going way off track and went back to my original reference drawing at the top of the page and tried to start again:

Photo 14-03-2018, 09 45 42

I worked on making long strokes with the charcoal and with the eraser and, whilst I like the effect I feel like it is lacking something.

There should be an emphasis on being fluid and spontaneous here, but I think I am being too controlled.

Trying a different technique, I banded three pencils together and came up with this:

Photo 14-03-2018, 09 44 53

I liked the resulting effect of the lines but still wasn’t happy with the drawing. I want more lines to work together and less tone, which is proving challenging.

A further attempt was made using a different reference drawing:


In conclusion I have found it so difficult to draw from photographs,  and my own drawings that I have decided to work on a drawing I did in another session. I think it says everything I want to say in this work.

Photo 21-03-2018, 11 05 00

Whilst some of the finer details don’t stand up to scrutiny, I like the overall impression of this drawing. It has line but it also has something else about the model and I think this is what I’m looking for in my earlier works and failing to find. This drawing here connects with me on an emotional level.


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