Portrait from Memory or the Imagination

My intention was to draw a face from my imagination as I don’t think I have a good memory for the details of a face. This was the first sketch:


Generally I was happy enough with the first attempt but felt it looked similar to my own self-portrait, plus there were some problem areas so I decided to work on it some more, using many erasers but, had very good results with a battery operated eraser. Normally I find the newsprint doesn’t erase that well with erasers but it was no problem for the new battery powered one, the only problem is they move around a lot so I wasn’t able to be super precise, that would require more practise.

I erased a lot of what I thought were the problem areas, which were most of the features, and ended up at this stage:

Photo 12-02-2018, 11 09 40


This really is a mystery lady but I kind of like it although most of the details are missing you can guess at them and determine the face.

The resulting work went through a process of erasing, drawing, smudging, and then repeating all of the above. I took several photos as I thought it might help me to look at the different stages of the process, as I do like to just dive straight in!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The final result being this one:

Photo 12-02-2018, 17 17 03There are still a few issues with placement, the eyes are not level, so I need to revise measurements of the head but I’m actually kind of ok with this. I think this was quite successful in creating a face from the imagination.


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