Facial Features

It’s only really when you try drawing facial features that you fully appreciate how tricky they can be. We see faces all the time but we don’t really study them, or observe them closely.

I used magazines and the internet for this exercise, using the zoom feature proved to be useful.

Eyes are probably the most fun to draw but are not without their problems, they have to have clearly defined edges and even then they can still look a bit freaky. Passable eyelashes proved rather frustrating to imitate but I think maybe less is more and not to overwork them.

Photo 15-01-2018, 10 43 38


Noses can also be difficult:

Photo 15-01-2018, 10 43 21

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of this I drew a mouth, they are harder than I appreciated especially if teeth are involved. These gave me the most problems and they don’t look great so am going to have to be very careful when drawing them. I think drawing in charcoal may prove to be a little more forgiving though.

Photo 15-01-2018, 10 43 06

Finally I attempted to draw a random male’s face:


There are a few problems with proportions, his eyes are different sizes, the nose is too big, ears etc. so in future I can see why you would use a grid.


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