Three Figure Drawings


At the moment I have access to models through a group that meets weekly, sadly there is no teaching element just access to a model for a couple of hours. It has been extremely worthwhile to have this access as I know not everybody does, consequently I have no control over the poses or timings. The majority of these drawings are based on life models with one or two from the Croquis Cafe on You Tube. Looking through my work I can see there is not a lot of standing poses and none longer than 10 minutes. For this reason I am posting several drawings for each category.

There’s a real mixture of drawings included here to try to give a range of the suggested poses, all are done in charcoal as obviously it works well when sketching fast. Some are better executed than others but some I have chosen some for their expressiveness.

Standing Pose

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As I’ve done several shorter drawings I created a slideshow. Generally I am happy with the results, overall I have tried to focus on the stance to make it convincing, trying to convey the shift in weight.

Sometimes it’s not possible to show the whole body as you can’t always see it but I hope I have the proportions correct, not always.

All of the standing poses are short timed poses, this must be easier for the models as our sessions are a couple of hours long, fortunately I do have longer poses for sitting and lounging.

Seated Pose

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The side view of the model on the chair is a quick sketch from the Croquis Cafe which worked quite well. The second one I chose for the marks I’ve made . Five minutes was just enough to add a head too, I don’t always manage that.


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Hopefully I have been successful in drawing the two different body types, sometimes the limbs can be a little thinner or shorter than desired but the torso usually works out fine. I always start with the shoulders and I think this works best for me, if I do the legs first then they tend to be longer than the torso.


The curvy model has modelled for a long time and I think this helps, she is always relaxed and comfortable in her poses. The other model is more angular and I find it challenging to draw her without making her look too muscular or masculine, I’m not sure I am always successful.


The drawing on the left is quite a successful drawing, the model is relaxed reading her Kindle and everything appears to be in proportion for once! This is probably one of my favourites. Perhaps because she is reading it seems to display a little of her personality too, it makes her more real to me because of it.

The one of the right appears fairly accurate although I think I have given her very tensed shoulders, whilst she does tense up to hold her poses I can’t remember how tensed they were. That’s probably something to look for in future, I hadn’t appreciated that I was able to add mood to the pose!

Finally yesterday I decided to try some colour and was relatively happy with them.

I was happy to try colour, I know I can be a rigid when it comes to materials but that’s because I want to master them. These are charcoal and chalk pastels. I had real problems with foreshortening yesterday so that’s something I need to practise. Just as well I am about to study faces too as that’s an area I can improve on. Both drawings seem convincing although perhaps the one on the left has more accurately caught her posture.


Sometimes I think my quick sketches are better than the longer ones, there’s no time to think and just draw.

2 minute sketch

Some of the finer details are lacking a little shape but the overall pose is pretty plausible

5 minute sketch

.Using the croquis cafe for this 3 minute sketch I paused it for another 2 minutes trying to get the back right, it was tricky but I liked the pose so have included it.

Photo 25-09-2017, 10 25 08
10 minute charcoal sketch

The proportions seem incorrect to me here, I have made her look much broader and longer in the torso. The right arm was problematic, there was a blanket on the ground which was too dark to make out the folds and ridges.

5 minute sketch

This is really a quick scribble, not focusing on accuracy just quickly trying to establish a likeness.

Photo 06-12-2017, 08 58 43
15 minute sketch

The angles of this caused me a lot of problems but, it gives a fair sense of a the pose. The upper torso seems better drawn than the lower, the legs were difficult to capture.

Photo 06-12-2017, 08 57 07
23 minute sketch

Even though this was a longer sketch I could not get her face right. I think I have found this model harder to draw as she is more angular. There are a few problem areas, her right leg and arm, her neck is a little too long but the lounging pose is credible.

I don’t always enjoy the longer poses as I think I overthink them and then the drawing gets overworked, some of my better pieces are the faster ones.


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