Structure of the Human Body

Every week at my life drawing session I am observing the human body and attempting to capture it on paper so, at this point, I have spent many hours looking at the naked form. Each and every time it can be challenging, some drawings are more successful than others.  It does make me question if I am actually improving my skills in life drawing, but I think I am, perhaps subtly noticing small improvements.

This week I tried to work larger as sometimes the poses affect my drawing size, e.g. when the model is sitting in a ball I drew her smaller. As a result of the classes I am definitely spending more time just looking at bodies and their individual parts and how they relate to each other. One thing I am struggling with is muscles, and fat, there are some quirky parts of our bodies that are particularly difficult to capture, for example, when the one calf is pressed against the other leg, the muscle is pushed to one side but looks really odd when you try to draw it like that.

Anyway, enough waffle! I have spent some time drawing parts of the body especially hands and feet as I find those pretty difficult. As I find it almost impossible to pose and draw myself I have used online videos and photographs.


3 thoughts on “Structure of the Human Body

  1. artonborder says:

    Hi Louise……..Thanks for sharing.I loved your feet, very expressive. I also looked at drawing 1 assignment 1…you did so much preparatory work. I can’t seem to fit in that much work…any hints for me…Yvonne

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    1. Louise says:

      Hi Yvonne and thank you! That seems like forever ago but I was so unsure about what I was doing I just kept on drawing. I think they like to see your thought process on paper so it doesn’t really matter how much you do as long as you show it. I think they are looking for some progression in your thought process. You are doing great, go with your gut x


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