Here are some quick one minute sketches to represent energy. I suppose the emphasis here is to try to capture the gestural line of the body. A minute is not long enough for details but I like the line of the body in all three images here.

Two more one minute sketches:

The first one seems a little elongated but I think it gives a sense of movement. The second one I like, even though the arm over the head looks a bit odd, the model had put a sheet over her head so the pose was a little odd but I like the shape of the body leaning over.

Two minute sketches:

Again, there are a few proportion issues but I like the energy here in both figures, the seated twist works quite well as does the leaning pose.

I decided to work on more abstract drawings and here are a selection:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really like some of these, reducing the body to just a few lines can work well in some cases.



2 thoughts on “Energy

  1. mzaxnav says:

    These are very good, I am still learning but as far as I can tell you did a good job of capturing the gesture. You shouldn’t focus on details while doing gesture studies. I especially liked the abstract drawings :).

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