Basic Shapes

Starting with a two minute sketch of the model seating in a chair. As always with a fast sketch like this, I’m just trying to capture the basic shapes, attempting to get the proportions right. When there is a complex pose, i.e. anything with crossed limbs, it throws me off a little to begin with, and there is no time to capture detail.

Photo 25-09-2017, 09 57 08
2 minute charcoal

The legs aren’t too bad, the arms not so good but I feel like I got the positioning of the legs almost right.

This next one is a seated twist posture.

Photo 25-09-2017, 10 01 02 (1)
3 minute pencil sketch

The proportions are off here but the twisted posture seems ok but doesn’t flow that well. Something about the shoulder seems wrong but not too bad an attempt, I actually managed to get the head facing in a different direction which helps give the appearance of the twisted body. At a quick glance, I feel the essence of the pose is there but when you look more closely there are a lot of errors here.

Another model, another twisted position, in a four minute sketch:

4 minute sketch

This feels more realistic to me than many of the other drawings, I feel like I got the solidity of the figure with a nice twist to the side.

I got to do this again in a slightly longer, 15 minute sketch:

Photo 06-10-2017, 10 07 25
15 minute charcoal sketch

I encountered some issue with the foreshortening of the legs but I am happy with the body’s posture. I feel this is a good representation of the model and the pose. I am happy with the solidity and volume here, overall I think it is a good representation of the moment.

This is an earlier sketch from my first class, a 10 minute pose:


Photo 25-09-2017, 10 24 46
10 minute charcoal sketch

It is a difficult pose to capture, this is not too bad an attempt, I think maybe the proportion of the limbs is a little bit off but I like the twist in the pose.

Finally, a longer pose of 25 minutes allowed me to capture the model leaning over, whilst seated:

Photo 06-10-2017, 10 07 54
25 minute sketch

In spite of all the little problem areas here, I like this pose. The legs caught me out majorly, I think I have the right knee in the wrong place and it is too straight, even though it was very straight, it does look wrong. The left thigh also looks a little odd, again the foreshortening really messed with my brain even though I was really trying to think in shapes that I could see it’s a challenging position to capture. I think you can feel the weight coming towards you as the model leans in, which I like.

There are a few areas that need working on, still need to keep an eye on proportions but foreshortening is one to work on for sure.



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