Emphasising Form with Cloth

I was trying all weekend to get somebody to pose for me and, with one thing and another it didn’t happen.

I decided to try drawing from a photo but could not find anything suitable online until I found something I could work with in a women’s magazine.

The woman seems to be wearing a soft jumper and silky skirt, it could even be a dress, I’m not sure.

Photo 25-09-2017, 14 48 27
pencil sketch


I had a few problems as not all of her body was shown so I had to finish it off using my imagination, in the photo there is another woman leaning into her so the right hand side of the image is hard to distinguish.

I fear I have made her a little bit shapeless, and possibly a little broader than reality but it’s not too bad. I have erased her left side and reworked it a little to make her a little slimmer.

I did not pay too much attention to head or hands just focusing on the body shape through the fabric. Somehow I have managed to make the fabric a little bulky but I think I have got her posture correct and the limbs don’t look too bad!



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