Once you start looking for statues you find lots, so I was pleasantly surprised to find more than I bargained for.

Firstly I found one of a bust of a historic figure, with stark rather angular features which appealed to me. As I studied it I saw it in terms of geometric shapes which I wanted to capture.

Photo 01-09-2017, 14 02 57
pencil sketch of historic statue

The features seemed pronounced, almost exagerated so I am quite happy with my efforts to replicate them.

The second statue was outside the church and had a welcoming stance about it.

Photo 01-09-2017, 14 02 50
religious statue

The challenge here was in the folds of the clothing and the physical features of the staute. It was especially hard to draw with graphite sticks so the hands didn’t work out so well, probably the paper was too small, A5.

The last one is an unusual structure, made out of willow, which I thought would be challenging to attempt.

Photo 01-09-2017, 14 02 42
willow men in biro

For some reason I thought biro would be the most appropriate material to draw in. I like the structure of the willow, it brings to mind the muscles and sinews under the skin.


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