Study of a Townscape Using Line

This was an interesting exercise, figuring out what elements I liked best from my previous sketches and playing around with where to locate everything. I googled the town that I drew just to see what kind of images came up and I’m glad I did because I decided to use a little poetic licence and include the local holy mountain as a backdrop.

My sketches did not give me all of the information I needed but I did use them as a preliminary guide. I found I needed more information and so used the photographs I had taken and also some online.

The weather was wet and cloudy so quite grey overall. Drawing this a few days after I visited the town and took the photos, I was able to forget about the miserable weather conditions and focus on making an interesting composition from the elements of my sketches.

I was a bit apprehensive before this exercise as buildings are not my strong point but building an imaginary town based on elements of a real one was actually fun.

Photo 31-08-2017, 11 34 51
townscape using line

Looking at it on screen, there are some problems with the bridge and river, the angles and perspective are wrong. I’m not a confident sketcher and clearly need to practice more.


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