Sketchbook of Townscape Drawings

Living in the countryside I had to drive to a local town to do this. I ended up sitting in my car drawing as it was raining on and off it was quite overcast and pretty dull. This was very challenging and I felt quite frustrated and a little despondent that I found it so difficult.

The first attempt was of a local hotel which had a lot of people coming in and out, cars pulling up and blocking my view, so it was very distracting.

Photo 29-08-2017, 13 55 47

It seems I am having problems drawing straight lines, maybe because I am not sitting straight or on a bit of an angle without realising. I don’t like the result, it seems quite basic and not very well drawn.

The second drawing was of some houses next door so the perspective was slightly different. Again it was raining and overcast.

row of houses

This was not very successful either! As the rain came in heavier, I drove around looking for some inspiration. I wasn’t able to find a parking space in the centre of town and, as the rain was not helping matters, I decided to come back when my mood, and the weather, was a little brighter.

Once home I found a photo online to work from, it shows the river running under the bridge but it turned out to be very difficult to capture.

Photo 29-08-2017, 14 20 27

On a different day I decided to go back even though the rain was heavier but I walked around looking for interesting shots to photograph so I could work on this exercise some more. The weather has really hindered my progress this summer and I knew I had to move things along! I got drenched but at least I had something to work from.

This is a tourist town so it has its well known spots but something that caught appealed to me was an insignificant part of town. It was down an alleyway, nobody else was around, it looks quite scruffy compared to the rest of the town but there were some interesting lines that caught my eye.

Photo 29-08-2017, 11 08 08

Even though this is a basic sketch, I really liked the way the buildings came together with the path curving around and the alleyway going under the arch.

Another composition I liked was the view of a house and church just beyond the bridge and the river. Again, it’s not a great sketch but the composition is more interesting.

Photo 29-08-2017, 11 08 20
bridge and church

Not a great rendering but I think it captures the compact, almost squished nature of this place, and the way that some places develop around a particular part of town, in this case the river.

I’m not a big fan of drawing buildings but I developed an appreciation for them, especially in terms of composition.



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