Parallel Perspective – Interior View

After reading all of the exercise instructions, I didn’t quite understand the perspective rules but thought it best to attempt it to see where the problem was.

Photo 23-08-2017, 13 38 12
through the doorway

Apart from the fact that I can’t draw straight lines, this was a bit of a mess and didn’t quite work out. I was sitting on a chair to draw this so my eye level was lower down but the perspective is clearly off. I used the ruler to see where the lines should be and had another go.

Photo 23-08-2017, 13 38 26
into the kitchen

Not a great drawing but the perspective is much better than earlier. The important thing to remember is that the eye level is an imaginary horizontal like that is parallel to the viewer’s eyes. So, if we move our eye level the horizon will also move.


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