Angular Perspective

I had a feeling going into this section on perspective that it would be my least favourite part and so far I am being proven right. I’m not sure if I am missing something but drawing buildings don’t really excite me. However, as it was raining when I started this, I drew my garden shed from my backdoor.

I’m not quite sure where my eye level is so am going to hazard a guess on this one.

This image has two-point perspective, meaning that it has two vanishing points on the horizon. It is possible to have multiple perspective. I suppose if your vanishing points were not on the same horizon or level it would create a confusing feeling to look at. Sometimes this is done deliberately, for example Hockney played around with perspective in his earlier works so it can be altered to create a different effect.

I am learning that if we did not use perspective drawings would look more like comics, being two dimensional so, most of the time, it is necessary to get a three dimensional view.



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