Aerial or Atmospheric Perspective

This exercise seems very similar to the earlier one on foreground, middle ground and background. I have to admit to feeling quite negative at the  moment, I don’t feel as if I have progressed much during part three. It is a very long section and, working alone makes me feel very unsure about where I am going with it.

Nevertheless, I chose a scene of a country road I walk pretty much every day, come rain, snow or sleet. I chose charcoal because it was suggested to use a soft drawing media.

country road

In real life it does feel like going through a tunnel of trees which I think I have shown. It also manages to represent aerial perspective.

I tried a second drawing in soft pastels, choosing a field:

Photo 18-08-2017, 14 21 15

Clearly I cannot draw a straight line so I need to practice those. This is not a great drawing.

My final attempt was in charcoal again:

Photo 23-08-2017, 15 24 10
charcoal study of back field

Of all of them I am happiest with this one. It shows the back field behind my house which I love to look at. I think it mostly works well in the front and the background but the middle ground is getting a little lost.

I am trying to figure out why my motivation has taken such a dip of late, perhaps some of it is due to the very lengthy section without any feedback. Perhaps also I need to have some personal interest in the subject matter.


6 thoughts on “Aerial or Atmospheric Perspective

  1. susan514652 says:

    Hello Louise. Part 3 goes on for ever and ever till you lose the will to put pen to paper – I think its a kind of trial of endurance and if you get through it you will get the degree! but if you just plod on eventually you will come to the end of it. Then you have broken the back of drawing1. You just have to get through part 4 which isn’t quite so bad then you have the glorious freedom to actually draw something you want to.


  2. Jennifer says:

    I found that part of D1 hard, and maybe did some of my worst work for it. But looking back, despite the rubbish drawings, I learnt enormous amounts, so in the long, long term, I can see all the hard work paid off. Don’t loose heart!


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