Foreground, Middle Ground, Background

I pass this spot everyday and noticed that it had definite divisions between the back, middle and foreground so it seemed ideal for this exercise. The view is from a country road so I worked from a photograph, deeming this to be the safest option.

I loosely sketched the scene in willow charcoal before using chalk pastels to work on the background of trees and clouds. This wasn’t too bad. I used a blue pastel and charcoal to add some definition to the trees, just to give them a loose shape and slight tone. I actually didn’t spend too long on trees or the sky as I am very aware that I overdo it with too many strokes so was trying to be gentler on the scene. I used blue in the trees as I know it is a colour that recedes.

I ventured onto the middle ground, with more detail and slightly muted colours. The colours and shapes can be softly smudged to get that slightly out of focus look. The hardest part was by far the immediate foreground, I found it hard to focus on just one area when you are taking in so much information.

On the foreground I used brighter, more vibrant colours and tried to show more detail, I also drew them larger to make them stand out in order to be the main focus.

Photo 09-08-2017, 15 09 05
country field in chalk pastels and charcoal


I think this is reasonably successful although lacking a bit of finesse! The background and middle ground work well enough but it was hard to draw the finer detail of the wild flowers in the front. However, I think the sharper focus as the front of the image makes it work in terms of perspective. It’s hard to show the direction of the light as it was overcast and there was no obvious direct sunlight, there has been a severe lack of that this summer!



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