Developing Your Studies

Reading the introduction to project 3 was a light bulb moment, precisely why I have found landscape so challenging is because I have been overwhelmed with information! Every time I draw outside I am struggling to condense what I see into the limitations of what I can draw on a piece of paper. Putting this into words has helped me, no wonder my brain felt like it was going to explode, it was in sensory overdrive. Photographing scenes and looking at them on screen, and going back and looking at the original scene has helped, as has using a viewfinder.

I’m not exactly sure what I am going to draw in a larger drawing, based on the drawings from project two so, at this point, it seems to make sense to select elements of the ones that appeal to me.

Even though the cloud formations were difficult to draw, I really like clouds so clouds should form a part of my drawing. To recap, here are my three drawings:

From the sketchbook walk:

360° studies:


Considering composition, I like the sketches with the paths although the bench is interesting because of the diagonals, the plant pots on the patio are also interesting for the same reason. There are problems distinguishing background, foreground and middle ground so I need to work more carefully. I would say that I haven’t quite found the right composition yet, I need to consider verticals, horizontals and diagonals. Leading the eye around needs consideration.

I feel like I have drawn a lot of trees, which is fine, that has been enjoyable but at the moment I don’t think have found what I am looking for. I think I need to go and look at more open landscapes, perhaps a visit to the seaside is in order, next time there is a dry day. Perhaps also some mountains. Just so that I can compare with the closed landscape I have drawn so far.

In conclusion I need to consider different subject matter, perhaps the coast and/or mountains. Also, I feel the need to draw a more simplified drawing; I can be quite heavy on the mark making and it feels like a good time to experiment with a more minimal approach, perhaps even verging on the abstract, that would be an interesting exercise.


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