360° Studies

I swear the weather Gods are against me, every time I step outside, loaded with drawing gear, the heavens open. As a result I have been working from photos, which I know is not the same, but in order to get going on this part I need to move on!!

I feel like I am struggling with part three and I’m not sure exactly why. However, using compressed charcoals I attempted  my first drawing:

fork in the road, compressed charcoals

I really struggled with this drawing and I can’t fathom why, I didn’t enjoy making it and can’t say that I am enjoying Expanse in general but this feels like quite a negative drawing. Maybe it’s just a funk or maybe nature is not for me, I’m can’t say.

Second drawing:

lone tree in compressed charcoal

Perspective is an issue with the road on the left, the horizon is wonky, everything is at a slant so not the most successful sketch.

At this point I decided to abandon the compressed charcoal and try regular willow charcoal:

graveyard wall in willow charcoal

This felt a little easier to draw, perhaps because I am more comfortable with the willow charcoal than the compressed? The shapes are recognisable, the horizon is straighter and I think it has more character than the previous two.

Finally, the fourth in the 360° series:

wooded path in willow charcoal

I decided to try a slightly different style here, to use less strokes as the first in this series was very dark. It has lightened it a little. Not an exciting series I’m afraid. Perhaps my mood has been affected by the consistently bad weather here and also my return from a fortnight’s vacation. Hopefully next week will be better!


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