Larger Observational Study of an Individual Tree

I knew exactly which tree I wanted to draw for this exercise, I’ve had my eye on it for some time planning in capturing it at some point. It’s obviously an old tree, the bark is very textured and peeling off, and the trunk is covered in moss and plant life, so much to draw!

I used a 0.5 mm lead mechanical pencil, which is good for precision and drawing detail. I probably spent a couple of hours on it as I got quite involved in the minutiae, which I enjoyed but, when I realised how much time had passed, I wanted it to end.

Photo 26-05-2017, 11 54 44

tree in mechanical pencil

This was a fabulous tree to work on as there was so much going on with texture and material but it probably took too long. Whilst the details were time consuming, it was enjoyable to draw, and an opportunity to make a variety of marks. There is a balance to be found between time taken and detail and I’m still working on finding that. Overall an interesting challenge.


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