Sketching Individual Trees

I was excited to start this exercise, perhaps because it was raining and I was keen to get out of the house but was forced to wait for some drier weather. On sketching the first tree, my immediate realisation was that this was harder than I thought, I had assumed this would be easier than drawing pots and vases but in actual fact it was much more challenging than I had envisaged. There is so much going on with a tree and so many leaves out it was hard to distinguish all of the different parts.

I’m very lucky to live in the countryside and my house is surrounded by trees but, as it rains a lot here, my garden looks like a jungle! It was hard to know where one tree ended and the next one began. I could only find one tree that was distinguishable from the others.

This is it:

Photo 24-05-2017, 09 53 31
2B pencil sketch of a tree

The second tree was amidst other trees but I attempted to figure it out

soft graphite stick

I spotted the third tree in the garden of the town priest’s house, it appealed to me as it was quite a different tree from the others:

Photo 24-05-2017, 09 54 04
4B pencil sketch

Taking the dog for an evening I walk I noticed my neighbour had a fine, blooming labernum:

Photo 24-05-2017, 09 54 24
mechanical pencil sketch of a labernum tree

The first two trees are quite similar in style so I was pleased to spot a couple of different ones around, observation has become a key part of this course. At the back of my mind, I am often considering mark making and am conscious of trying to learn new and different ways to draw. I hope I have managed to show a diverse range of  marks, it’s challenging to get your brain to not think about it but try to expand your repertoire.  An interesting exercise overall!


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