Quick Sketches Around the House

On reading this exercise I can honestly say it seemed a bit of a chore, it didn’t really appeal to me. However, I decided I would limit myself to sketch a few at a time so as not to get frustrated.

Deciding to make the most of it and get comfortable in my living room, I drew three scenes.

Photo 10-04-2017, 14 58 58
living room in graphite stick

Have to admit that wasn’t as bad as I thought, the door didn’t come out that well but I made the sofa look like a fabric sofa so for that I am happy. I’m not a confident drawer when it comes to single line drawings so this is something I need to work on.

Photo 10-04-2017, 14 59 08
living room fireplace

This was not successful, I really lost interest in the detail of all the little nooks and crannys and the perspective is off, perhaps I should have sat at an angle, rather than directly in front of it.

Photo 10-04-2017, 14 59 24

I discovered it was quite difficult to get everything into one drawing, so bad planning there. Also, the window isn’t quite right so that was an error but I like the composition, cutting off the edge of the chair, although have to admit that was accidental!


Photo 10-04-2017, 14 59 34
window desk

I found this desk quite tricky so it wasn’t very successful either, I think I would need to spend quite a bit of time getting the angles right on furniture if I was to draw in more detail. Although I think the magazine rack worked out ok.

I moved upstairs to attempt the bedrooms.

Photo 10-04-2017, 14 59 46
master bedroom with conte stick


For some reason I really enjoyed drawing the material of the sheets and I think the nightstand and books have worked out ok.

Photo 10-04-2017, 14 59 57
bedroom door


I tried a different view of the same room, drawing the door and also the mirrored doors of the wardrobe. I enjoyed drawing the dressing gowns on the door but had a few problems with the reflection in the wardrobe mirror. I think this is something that could have been resolved if I had spent more time at it but I kept to the brief. Even when sketching quickly I need to plan more and think about the composition.

Photo 10-04-2017, 15 00 07
bedroom 2 in willow charcoal

Apart from the perspective issues, I thought this was more of an interesting drawing and it works better than the others. Perhaps the stronger, bolder strokes help add interest or perhaps the items on the storage box and around the window just add interest. I’m not sure why but I prefer this drawing to the previous ones. On reflection I think the mixture of verticals and horizontals works well.

Finally, the last drawing of the hallway and stairs

Photo 10-04-2017, 15 00 17
hallway and stairs

This is probably my favourite, again it was more interesting to draw, perhaps the combination of the horizontal lines of the stairs juxtaposed to the messy shoe shelves, and bisected by the banister post.

It did dawn on me that I most enjoyed drawing the spaces where people had been, this meant something to me, seeing their possessions left abandoned for later use, made a connection. It made me think of the space that we occupy, the sense of us in a place; even when there is nobody there, there is still a lingering presence, which I liked the idea of. I think this is definitely a theme to develop some more.

The strongest drawings are the charcoal ones of my son’s bedroom and the hallway. I think the subject matter had more varying elements so that gave interest and I think the charcoal worked well when sketching something quickly. I also enjoyed drawing the fabric of the sofa, the bed, the dressing gowns wrapped around each other on the back of the bedroom door.

Going forward, a room to study more would need to have a good combination of different objects and lines, perhaps the bedrooms.


3 thoughts on “Quick Sketches Around the House

  1. jen3972 says:

    I’m dreading this as my house is such a mess!! I too like your charcoal drawings and think your sketches are charming 🙂


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