Detail and Tone

As this exercise was going to be more detailed than previous I wanted to draw something that had a mixture of textures so I decided to draw a pineapple. Whilst I was buying it, I spotted a coconut on sale so, on impulse I bought that too and did a quick sketch. Usually I choose items that I consider easier to draw but this one was going to be a challenge, I figure I have to learn how to draw everything so I went for something different. Normally I would shy away from anything that wasn’t the most basic of shapes but I felt somewhat confident in attempting these.

Photo 13-03-2017, 11 09 58

I wasn’t sure whether to cut the pineapple or not but, being practical and there being no going back once it’s cut, I left it whole and put it on its side for a different view. I used pencil because my default choice is charcoal and I didn’t think I could get the finer details and variations in tone I wanted to see. This is my first attempt really at focusing on detail and was fairly content with the form of the pineapple overall, the proportion seems accurate although I had a bit of trouble with the top right part of the base, at first it seemed too square so have attempted to correct that.

It wasn’t very sunny when I drew it so it was hard to see the difference in light, especially as the uneven texture of the fruit didn’t reflect it at all. I think I am starting to appreciate the need for different size strokes and lightness of touch is hard to sustain, at some point you want to go in and find the dark points, maybe a little heavy handed in parts but I was definitely conscious of trying not to overwork it.

I think I got some contrast in, it’s tricky  not to go overboard with this, is the balance right, I hope so. I chose different marks for the leafy bract, and for the fruit part and even some cross-hatching in the shadow. For me, there is a lot of varying marks but I need to work on this, I have researched it online and I think I am starting to understand the different effects available. I didn’t do a broken line anywhere really so will need to try in my next exercise. I’m realising there is a lot to learn and it takes time to process it and the need for practice, I think I am sketching more so that helps.


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