Pablo Picasso by Hajo Duchting

Photo 08-03-2017, 09 29 09

I made this purchase after visiting the Picasso Museum in Malaga. It was only on the plane home that I realised it’s not a good book, in fact it’s a terrible book. On a positive note, it has some great photos, (which is what interested me initially), but the content is not great, maybe it is a bad translation or a cut and paste job. I post this as a future warning to myself, read the text of the book when considering a purchase, don’t just look at the pictures!


Shadows and Reflected Light

photo-19-01-2017-10-09-55This was the first drawing in many months so I am somewhat content that I am just getting back into the swing of things. Having had surgery on my finger in December I am finding it challenging, not to mention painful, to draw again. Sketching is probably good exercise so I am endeavouring to get things flowing again.

Whilst I always read and re-read the directions, I am often plagued with self-doubt, asking myself am I doing what is required from the exercise. I do start off following the advice but then seem to end up doing my own thing. My first thought is always to notice where I’ve gone wrong in proportion, size, the composition feels a bit cramped here. Not a bad first attempt to represent reflections and shadows but decided to keep working on it.


I wanted to get a bit more space and softer although I actually prefer the first drawing as I think this now lacks definition and the shadows are unconvincing. Am still struggling with a stiff finger so the tea-pot looks a little off.I also changed the bowl for a jar for a change.


conte sticks

My third and final attempt, I wanted to use something other than charcoal which seems to be my go-to tool, so I chose conte sticks, grey, white and black. I swapped the objects again, and enjoyed drawing the jug. My accuracy is still lacking but am pleased with the reflections although the shadows are not very convincing. More practice required!