Creating Shadow using Lines and Marks

Using a variety of drawing tools; mechanical pencil, biro, pigment liner and, being brave, dip pen and ink, I focused on two shapes, rectangle and sphere.

Sketching Exercise in Tone

After this I did a selection of shapes using different techniques. Here’s a selection:

I found elements of this difficult so spent time on it using different techniques and tools, it was enjoyable and relaxing although I found afterwards I had misread it and had to start again. Nevertheless I was glad I had the patience to practice, especially the stippling as, although laborious I think it gave a good effect, in fact I was surprised by the effects produced using scribbling. Perhaps my favourite was the pen and ink, again challenging but good practice, using just ‘w’ shapes. I don’t think I am ever fully satisfied with the result when it comes to reflecting on them, I spot mistakes or areas I could have worked better but this is learning!

My final drawing of 4 objects was done quite quickly in pencil, mainly because I work faster this way. Distinguishing between light from the primary source and the reflected light was at first challenging but depended a lot on the materials. I found using a small desk lamp useful. I think I have always struggled with depicting tone but two key pieces of information have helped: there should be four distinct grades of tone and that shadow will always be the darkest point. From now on I will look closer at tone and try harder to demonstrate it. In future drawings I will be more conscious of tone affecting my depiction of form, I think I am more aware of it now.



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