Groups of Objects


After selecting my household objects, I did a quick blind contour sketch,before attempting to get the shapes correct.  Whilst I was happy enough with the arrangement I knew immediately that the bowl would be a problem so I spent some time practicing ellipses.

The above image is my first attempt and was a fairly quick capture. I spent more time on the following piece:


There were a few problems to overcome; drawing on a large scale, working on the positions of the items and how they relate to each other, proportions and negative space. Lettering was difficult so chose not to focus on that today. The black granola box turned out to be a bad choice because it was hard to see the difference in tone, it was too solid. Lighting was also a problem, it’s not particularly well lit where I am working, some of that is seasonal, but will have to rig up extra lighting in future, as it was difficult to see all of the shadows.

There was a lot of editing, erasing and redrawing to get everything more or less in the right place, which I did fully achieve. Next time I will place a white sheet underneath to improve shadows and perhaps add a table light. Whilst trying to capture the weight, shine,transparency etc, have I been too rigid? Is this loose enough? I suspect not.Have I evoked some kind of expression in the marks and the relationships created inside and around the edges of the forms and the picture plane?? Whilst I have tried to add expressive marks, I’m pretty sure I have failed this exercise. I think I will need to reconsider this drawing.


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