Experimenting with Texture

The marks at the top left are where I tried the frottage technique; as you can see, it didn’t work out very well. I found this quite challenging, using pencil first then charcoal. The pencil was perhaps the better tool as it was hard to be precise with the charcoal and it kept smudging. I soon found myself to be very impatient and kept losing my place so it’s not especially accurate. I tried charcoal pencils and afterwards came back to it with a mechanical pencil which ended up being my favourite material.

woven drink mat

Whilst the frottage worked better (top left), drawing with charcoal was quite tricky so switched to pencil. Again, I got lost in the intricacies of the pattern and was struggling.Again, I came back to it with the mechanical pencil and used a different technique, which I can only describe as ‘liney drawing’, making faster marks, perhaps more gestural strokes, not sure of the terminology here but I preferred this technique and think I was more successful in representing the texture.

wooden table

I chose wood next, thinking this would be simpler after the place mat, using just a HB pencil. It was easier but not sure if I captured the wooden texture.

leaf from my garden

Finally, I chose a leaf. The frottage worked better but not convinced with my interpretation. The next day I reread the exercise and wasn’t satisfied that I had followed the instructions correctly. I added some wavy and curved lines to my work and I can see how this works well in some areas.I think I failed with the leaf and the wood but managed to convey the texture somewhat in the mats.photo-17-10-2016-11-34-16


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